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Rewards for Viewing YT Logo Videos Through BT Logo

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TubeTunnel is a browser extension that signals a user of YT Logo when the video they are watching is available to tunnel through New Videos on BitTube It then gives the user the opportunity to choose to watch the video whilst earning Airtime (exchangable for $TUBE) and removing all adverts from the original YT Logo video.


You can view as many videos in a day as you want however you will need to 'move' your mouse every 2.5 hours to prove that you are still present and viewing the video.

YouTube Proxy?

If you are having problems viewing youtube videos on the pc you are using then this is also a great solution, just use the search page to search for you video then click the link to view it through
- if youtube is banned on your pc this should proxy/bypass around the filter.

New TubeTunnel Video Search

Visit my new search page to easily search youtube for videos that are ready to view now on Bit.Tube - no need to install the extension - just search and go!!
Click here to SEARCH - no install required!!

Download Extension - Google Chrome

BitTube ExtensionDownload Extension V 0.1.0

What does the extension do to my browser/my privacy?

The extension will only seek access to information from the 'YT' YT Logopage you are visiting.

No other information is gathered and no information is recorded by Tube Tunnel - as hard as it seems - this is not a scam or a hyjacking. I am not a twat, this is simply a tool I built to use myself and decided to pack it up and try and share the script if anyone finds its useful. I also believe that YT Logo could do with a bit of competition when it comes to market share in this sector.

Bit Tube?

BitTube Blog
Bit Tube is a 'video portal' much like YT Logo YouTube, allowing people to upload and share their videos as well as hosting professional channels and live streaming services. Very simply put - Unlike YT Logo everyone using BitTube gets a share in the revenue available. The reward is split 80% to the creator and 20% to you - the viewer. Thats right you get paid in TUBE to simply watch videos as normal.

$TUBE = Real cash?

TUBE is a crypto currency, its the token behind It can be bought and sold on exchanges like Crex24 or Bittrex. If you want an easier way to collect or buy TUBE and get into the crypto sphere then try out their extension where you can buy TUBE with Paypal.
There is every possibility that the value of TUBE could go UP or down.

Ad free! Ad Blocker!

Both Tube Tunnel and the video stream you have Tube Tunnelled will be free of ads - forever to the IPFS.
This means you wont have to run for the volume control everytime a video is normally interrupted by the creator or youtubes 'in-play' advertising.

How is revenue collected and distributed?

What no ads? Yes thats right - no ads, creators of the you tube videos Tube Tunnel'ed over to are paid in TUBE (the currency behind BitTube) - even if the video was not previously on BitTube. If a youtube creator has not opened a BitTube account they will be informed that their video has been watched (anonymously) and how to collect their payments. A YT Logo channel will automatically have have a channel created for them with the username "yt_channelname" on and can be automatically claimed using the YT Logo connector to verify their credentials. Once the YT Logo video is uploaded to the creator/channel will recieve 30% more for all airtime. (as no longer have to pay the youtube api fee's)

TUBE can also be 'mined' like Bitcoin - mined tokens are what is used to pay both miners, creators and users. Airtime is the amount of time used to to view or display a video. Airtime is used to work out the amount you will be paid in TUBE.

For the official Bit.Tube Airtime extension go (here) (video)

The official extension is quite large and has a whole host of features, too many for some people and is also applicable to earning airtime through other sites rather than just youtube alone. Watching YT Logo videos directly on bittube with my extension requires a smaller simpler extension and you also earns more rewards of airtime when watching directly on the bittube video site. It also requires a different account to your standard login.

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Privacy policy:- This website and extension neither collects, stores or shares data, third party or otherwise. The only data used is the current YouTube page the user is on, which is then 'tunnelled' to BitTube for video processing and relay through the browser.