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Buy BitTube - $TUBE with Paypal

Thats right and its a first, somehow TUBE can be bought instantly by using Paypal through the brand new BitTube Browser Extension.

Thats right, you have read it here, at last there is an easy access route to the crypto currency world. - And with the only KYC checks (know your customer- ie proof of identity) being you have to confirm your account with a single callback to any phone.

Quite how this actually confirms who you are remains to be seen with sims being available for free in most parts of the world. It seems an ambitious offering.

At the moment there is obviously a cap on the amount you can buy at any one tie, at the moment its $100 - I presume they will keep this cap until an account is 'proven' as the transfer of cyrpto currency is permanent whereas the transfer of funds to paypal can be reversed for a number of reasons which could really hurts bittube.

A crypto currency that can be bought directly with paypal is possibly one of the cheapest way to get money into the crypto sphere with only the normal paypal fees being added at around 1% - unlike the fees added by exchanges which can be higher.


Privacy policy:- This website and extension neither collects, stores or shares data, third party or otherwise. The only data used is the current YouTube page the user is on, which is then 'tunnelled' to BitTube for video processing and relay through the browser.