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Tube Tunnel - Bypass YouTube through Bit.Tube

Is your computer blocked from watching youtube videos or listening to music on youtube? Finding this a PITA? Perhaps your in a university or college or perhaps at school or work and your banned from the domain name making it impossible for you to use?

Well feel free to use my search page - its uses the google/youtube api serverside so no traffic hits the youtbe domain allowing you to search for your videos and music - then it creates a link to view your video through, thus bypassing the yutube domain - and all without those annoying adverts too. BONUS - No Ads!!!

New TubeTunnel Video Search

Visit my new search page to easily search youtube for videos that are ready to view now on Bit.Tube - no need to install the extension - no need to configure a proxy - no need to install anything in the browser - just search and go!!
Click here to SEARCH - no install required!!

Privacy policy:- This website and extension neither collects, stores or shares data, third party or otherwise. The only data used is the current YouTube page the user is on, which is then 'tunnelled' to BitTube for video processing and relay through the browser.